Ice-cream in Brussels

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19 Jul 2021, 00:07 Last Updated: 19 Jul 2021, 11:07

As the summer sun shines upon Brussels, ice-cream becomes top of the shopping list whether enjoyed in a cone, between wafers or simply out of a cup. Here is a selection of Brussels' ice-cream parlours for greedy children and adults alike.

Ice-cream in Brussels
Ice-cream in Brussels

With its six parlours, Capoue seems to have become an ice-cream giant. However, once inside, you will find a selection of homemade ice-creams and sorbets which you can eat within or take away. Besides the regular flavours, many original flavours (champagne, bounty, mojito) are also available. New this year is the possibility to get you ice-cream delivered to the office...

Station & Shopping

As you shop around the Châtelain area, you won't resist a break in the garden of Framboisier Doré where making your mind up will probably take you longer than devouring your carefully chosen flavours. A bit lower down Avenue Louise you can take up shelter in Häagen-Dazs, the American ice-cream giant who also has a parlour in the gare du Midi: ideal while waiting for your Thalys. Still in shopping centres, but in Woluwe this time, the Australian Ice Cream, famous for putting a smile on faces at the seaside resort of Knokke, has now moved in. Near the Sablon, Wittamer and Marcolini chocolatiers have brought out the ice-cream for the summer. Unfortunately, it is sometimes best to leave Cesar with what belongs to Cesar...

In Uccle, the ice-cream fans such as Capulet and Montaigu belong to one of two factions. Some swear by Zizi, others praise Il Gelato. Of course most of us ice-cream fans will see this as the perfect excuse to increase our consumption in order to have a purely subjective idea of the matter.


If you take a detour through a path in Park Léopold, you might come across "le Petit Nuage." This new travelling ice cream cart roams the park to offer you organic ice cream. Something to try during your walks!

Finally, always listen out for the jingle of ice-cream vans whether listening from the depth of your back garden or from a public bench in a park they will come to you with their frozen goodies. We will however let you judge the quality... Frédéric Solvel

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