IDYL Beauty Institute IDYL Beauty for treatments that will delight you 

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IDYL Beauty for treatments that will delight you 
Tired or stressed with the accumulation of your work, think of you and your well-being by deciding to offer you a treatment in an aesthetic centre with the goal of relaxation with a big d.

Explain that you have to treat yourself to think about yourself.

IDYL Beauty is a beauty and care institute with two locations, one in Saint-Gilles and the other in Woluwé Saint-Lambert in Brussels. This salon focuses its products and its communication on naturalness and respect for your body and ecology. All the products used are natural and good for your health. IDYL Beauty is sure to please the ladies. 



IDYL Beauty takes care of your well-being 

IDYL Beauty is made up of a team of friendly people who are skilled in their field and will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied at the end of your session. What treatments are available?  This establishment offers several treatments: hair removal, hand and foot care, eyebrow and eyelash care, massages and facials, all of which will make you feel soft and comfortable in your skin.  And just in time, the salon has added two new facials with natural ingredients. These two treatments are available until April, the 30th to be precise, so don't miss out on such an opportunity, your face will thank you. 



New treatments to nourish your face

We will explain what these two new treatments are and what they consist of. 


The first treatment is composed of turmeric, honey and oats. 

A warm room, lit by candlelight, a soft blanket, soft music, hot tea and the scent of incense. All this for one hour. This treatment serves to revive winter complexions, to have a luminous, nourished and soft skin. Turmeric has the ability to brighten the skin and has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, making it the perfect product to soothe sensitive skin. This effect is enhanced by lemon juice which brightens the skin and fights bacteria. Honey is an excellent natural moisturiser. Oatmeal absorbs all the impurities and residues that accumulate in the pores of your skin. It naturally respects the skin's structure and maintains the pH level thanks to the proteins it contains. In addition, during your session you will be treated to an "Indian detox" tea, which is a black tea with turmeric, lemon and tulsi. In addition to this you will also be treated to a coconut oil make-up removal, a gentle oatmeal and chamomile scrub, hot steam projected onto your face in order to soften dead cells, open pores and extract blackheads and blackheads. To finish, the institute will make you a mask with turmeric, oats, honey and lemon accompanied by a massage with sesame oil. This is a complete treatment as you can see. 



The second treatment is with Cocoa, Razhoul and Ashwagandha

This delicious treatment will be good for your skin and your mind. Cocoa has anti-ageing properties. Very rich in polyphenols, it protects your skin from oxidative stress. It also soothes redness and stimulates blood circulation. Razhoul absorbs fats and impurities and removes blackheads as it should. Ashwagandha is a plant with regenerating properties and is a powerful remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. During this treatment, you will also be offered a Star Tea, which is a green tea with gourmand notes of chestnut and tonka beans. In addition to all this, as with the first treatment, you will receive a coconut oil make-up removal, a cocoa, sugar and coffee scrub, hot steam, a mask with raw cocoa, razhoul, ashwagandha powder and turmeric and a sesame oil massage. 



A treatment costs 65 euros, which is not a lot of money to take care of your face in the best way possible and to have a massage and a good detox tea. Now the choice is in your hands, choose your preference for these treatments, or double your pleasure by trying both.



IDYL Beauty is the high quality institute for you. We wish you ladies a pleasant day of relaxation. 

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