La Promenade Verte

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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 21 Jun 2017, 09:06

La Promenade Verte is splendid walk of more than 60km that allows pedestrians and cyclists to tour the Region and to cross many parks and nature reserves.


The opulence of this itinerary lies mainly in the astonishing diversity of its landscapes. At certain places, real countryside landscapes are presented for the walker's delectation and delight . At other stages, there are landscaped parks, thickets, marshes, and so on. La Promenade Verte brings new visibility to areas that were previously inaccessible to the public. Part of the paths exists and has to be developed. Another part of the route has still to be created. When an itinerary that is devoid of traffic is really impossible, everything is done to improve the road safety in that particular part.


Its primary goal is to get the public to discover urban nature, thanks to the verdant traverses that connect the various green areas, but it also contributes to the city's landscape qualities by preserving its natural heritage and, in particular, by nurturing the diversity of its fauna and flora.

Seven Sections

La Promenade Verte as a whole is divided into seven sections representing various facets of the Brussels Region's landscapes ((La forêt de Soignes et le sud d'Uccle - La vallée de la Woluwe - Entre Senne et Woluwe - La vallée de la Senne et les parcs royaux - La vallée du Molenbeek - Les paysages ruraux - Entre Vogelzangbeek et Geleytsbeek). From 5 to 10km long, these various sections traverse a multitude of landscapes (urban, rural, industrial and so on), while enabling many of the capital's green spaces to be discovered. La Promenade Verte can be tackled in either direction to equal effect. In certain places, it is duplicated in order to allow the comfortable passage of pedestrians and cyclists or to prevent the latter from riding over particularly fragile sites.

Trail Marking

The trail markers, gradually put in place between 2007 and 2009, enable you to traverse the course while digesting relevant local information as you go.
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