Sports & Leisure

A real deep water experience in Brussels

In Uccle, behind the door of number 333 rue de Stalle lies the best hidden aquatic secret in Brussels.

GR trails in Brussels

Disassembly of the Flower Carpet

A one time panda visit to Brussels

Get moving on Sundays in Brussels

Spend a night in the Brussels Skyliner

The Brussels Skyliner and the icy neighbor, Brussels Ice Magic, will remain open for another 2 weeks. On February 8th, the day before closing, two lovers will get to spend the night with a 360° view of Brussels.

Fans of Flanders

Spotted by Locals

The Midi Fair with 2 kids for 50 €

2012 retrospective

Our selection of vintage series!

Do you remember that carefree time when you could spend all of your afternoons slumped in an armchair, a Fristi in one hand and a pancake (prepared by mom) in another while watching TV series? Now that you're entering the workforce, your evenings can now be summed up to this : "I have to go grocery shopping" and "I have to finish something for work", does it not? It is for this reason that BrusselsLife suggests you spend 5 minutes with us and review all these series that rocked the sweet fantasy world called childhood.

Students revision session

BrusselsLife prepares you for the end of the world!

The Little Gym @ Bruxelles

Across Belgium : GR 129

[email protected] @ Bruxelles Champêtre

Be part of this established, highly popular annual event - a 'feast for the senses' welcoming thousands of visitors, farmers and producers from all over Europe. Get your hands (and pans) dirty planting vegetable patches and cooking up regional specialities! And at the same time, get the true picture of how the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is evolving in tune with the challenges and opportunities of 21st century living.

One day of Canals tourism in Hainaut

Comic strips in Belgium : two schools, two approaches, one great art

Discover Brussels With The Audio Guide

Such Fun at Bois de la Cambre

Skiing in Belgium

Don't laugh: you can ski in Belgium, and not only in the Ardennes! Of course, the eastern edge of the country is naturally better-known for its winter sports.

The meeting for comic book lovers

Sledge in Brussels

Family Day Denmark @ Bozar

A family weekend at Seaside


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