Libertine Supersport

Libertine Supersport

Libertine Supersport is back! Libertine opens its doors at Cine Mirano to the capital city's music, fashion, art and night life lovers.


The Libertine has cosy seating areas, waiters (not a VIP area!), a fancy bar and of course a dance floor where the resident DJ's and live performers will play you warm and sexy disco music. The residents DJ's include: Andy Faisca, Mustang (Cosy Mozzy & Andy Faisca), Dirk Eskimo, Guy-Ohm, L-Fêtes, Rick Shiver, Rob & Zoopsie.


Supersport is the big room on the ground floor. A stage welcomes DJ's and live performers. A few bars and an exceptional sound system guarantee the best setup to enjoy your favourite artists. Dj's have a central position on stage with the audience all around them on different levels. The dance-floor spirit reigns at the Supersport! A great place to release yourself; where music rules!
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