Products from the four corners of the globe abound, you will find mostly African specialties, Mediterranean but also typically Belgian stalls. True place of excitement where the selling technique is to shout louder than one's neighbour, do not venture there if the crowd and the noise bother you.

This market is also heavily loaded with plants: shrubs, potted plants, flowers, seeds ... Here you will find all you need to revamp your home or give a new life to your faded garden. We also recommend that you take a walk through the Spanish specialties store which is located at the beginning of the market. If you are fond of chorizo, lomo and other similar items, this small shop should delight your taste buds. One of the most popular stalls is that of the Moroccan pancakes which you make yourself by choosing three ingredients. Served with a glass of mint tea, do not hesitate to make this tasty break. You will not be disappointed!

The Midi market happens every Sunday from 6am to 2pm. We strongly advise you to get there by public transport. The place is well connected by underground, tram, bus, train! You can always try your luck in the dedicated parking lot. But beware, it is a toll parking! Also note that the best deals take place at the end of the market when you will be able to find fruit punnets for just 1 euro and if you are patient, you can even recover unsold items. Get your shopping bags !