Much more than just a café...

Olivia Regout.

26 Mar 2013, 16:03 Last Updated: 10 Feb 2014, 09:02

The Brussels native loves a chat over a pintje (glass of beer in local slang) at the corner café ! Sharing the latest gossip between two handful of peanuts is a delight! And what if, in addition to a friendly moment, he could combine business with pleasure? Of course, he would sign with both hands! In Brussels, some cafés are more than just a drinking joint ...

Any opportunity is good enough to have a drink with friends. And if you can take advantage of the occasion to sew a sock, leaf through a book, fix a toaster or heat a baby bottle ... It's even better!

In Brussels, new completely atypical cafés have recently appeared ...

Repair Café

A concept imported from the Netherlands, the Repair Café moved to Ixelles last September. Every first Sunday of the month, bring your holed sweater, your broken down hi-fi system or your rickety stool and stop by the cultural center of Elzenhof.

Take a break from over-consumption and make way for recovery. From household appliances to computers, furniture, textiles and bikes ... everything is possible!

Volunteer handymen give it their all to resurrect your goods. They are carpenters, electricians, tailors, bicycle technicians ... And they'll teach you their tricks over coffee and a screwdriver.

Coffee and sewing

Your favorite jeans just let go? It tore right under the buttock while you slipped on your shoes. Not to panic! At flip, every Thursday evening, you can enjoy a tomato juice while Dame Cath repairs your favorite jeans. The seamstress is there with her sewing machine in a corner of the café from 7:30pm to 10pm.

The Midinettes offer a similar concept to the "Internet Café". They do not rent computers, but sewing machines. Thus, this is not a real café but a sewing workshop that one visits to patch clothes in a fun atmosphere and over a cup of tea. All enhanced by the good advice of Isabelle and Mathilde, the owners of the premises.

Coffee and Literature

An apéritif with a glass of white wine and a book in hand has become fashionable. At Filigranes or at Cook & Book, you'll be able to discuss the latest bestseller with a friend whilst toasting to the memory of Jane Austen.

Café poussette

The Café Poussette de Haricot Magique falls into the category of how-to taverns. You walk around Schaerbeek with your little darlings when the youngest asks for his nursing bottle. Phew, the " Café Poussette" is open ... You enter carefree with your stroller, where space has been arranged for easy manoeuvring. At the bar, you order a pot of warm panade and ask to heat up your baby bottle. In the meantime, your eldest is having a blast in the play area designed for children.

Coffee and mangas

Japanese culture is in your veins? The Otako or the Gokami offer fans of manga and video games enough to live their passion. Make yourself comfortable in a chair with a drink and browse through your favorite manga.

Coffee and Online gaming

Frédéric Nicolay has struck again. His latest idea? To create the largest online gaming center. The Botkamp will open its doors on May 1, 2013 near the Porte de Hal ...

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