N.E.M.O. "Relaunch" Party

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 04 Jul 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
N.E.M.O. "Relaunch" Party
The (Underground) adventure started in the "Caves de la Chapelle" before making its way through Fuse (Motion), Technoir (Antwerp), Decadance (Ghent) & finally Ric's Boat, where once a month you could find C-Bullon, Plastic Soul, Meniac and Fhilz literally turning the boat upside down at the greatest pleasure of anyone who was into electronic music.

As years passed by, the N.E.M.O (New Electronic Musical Organization) parties established themselves as quality events for anyone interested in electronic music, but what made them stand out most of all & what really was the secret to their success was the "family spirit" and intimate atmosphere that was there every night. Everyone gathered for "the" monthly gathering to share this good time & quality music together. On the musical side of things, taking a look at the line up over the years, we can find a certain continuity, but most of all we see a look-out for new talent with a taste for a smashing and upfront musical selection and true interactivity with the crowd. During the 2007 Nuit Blanche event, N.E.M.O and Bulex's paths cross as they share the same site for their parties at the Cité Administrative and so a now collaboration was born... Everyone remembers the "Batellerie" and the awesome nights that took place, the On(z)e Festival & the gatherings on the outside playground for the apotheosis under the Brussels' sunrise! A magical place that made the artists, the music but also the crowd stand out to their true value ... The union of these two concepts totally exploded everyone's expectations and soon measures had to be taken to support the growing number of punters. Presale tickets or membership cards became an absolute necessity, but following those measures, were the first obstacles and setbacks... These 4 years were a tremendous learning experience for both parties involved, but for this summer N.E.M.O (New Electronic Musical Organization) regains its independence & makes it's sole come-back!

New beginning

One room, one atmosphere, one vision, one hell of a motivation to welcome you to discover new artists and have one hell of a good time! To make it all happen... A new location where we await you, the hedonists, the music lovers, the faithful, the unfaithful, whoever's curious,... we await you all with a sound that will blow your socks off but also with a personal approach to a good time out. So join us & party with us on Saturday 10th July! Grab your phones & call 0472/01.89.01 (N.E.M.O INFO LINE). Clearly leave us your name and any feedback you might have about N.E.M.O and whoever comes with you to the party, get's his/her entrance for free!

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