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13 Dec 2012, 03:12 Last Updated: 28 Oct 2013, 14:10

Do you want to watch a movie filled with haemoglobin, screams, cold sweats and cries ? The listings below will no doubt satisfy your wishes ! Whether it is for Halloween, an evening among friends or as a couple, all occasions are suitable to raise your heart rate.

Considered to be the Genesis of the Horror Movie, impossible not to start this journey without the Rocky Horror Picture show which introduces us into a rather strange castle. Old but still as good as ever.
First movie shot with a handheld camera, we discover the taping of three young students who have disappeared in the Blair forest, reputed to be haunted by a witch. Frights guaranteed.
Doors which open on their own, ghoulish noises in the house, strange family history... Discover the daily grisly life of Katie and Mika. For those who have already seen this first part, two more are following and a fourth one is announced.
Do you know the ghost town of Pripiat, located a few kilometers away from Tchernobyl ? It seems like it is not completely deserted ... Why don't you find out ?
Contamination and religion are the hallmarks of this first installment of the Rec trilogy.
Death will fool us and no matter what happens, if your time has come, you will not escape her ! A special mention goes to this third edition of the saga which includes five parts in total.
Were you scared of Chucky ? Well he seems quite harmless compared to the bloody puppet from Dead Silence.
The well-crafted story of a haunted house in Japan which hides a terrifying secret ...
Amateurs of gory stuff, this remake of Piranhas should scare you to death !
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