Ozark Henry - A decade Live @ Lotto Arena

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 03 Jan 2008, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Ozark Henry - A decade Live @ Lotto Arena
Piet Goddaer, better known under its artist Ozark Henry's name, can be proud to celebrate an exceptional decade! Native of Courtrai, the singer combines intelligently his ' kinematic pop ' with rock, but also with styles less waited as the classical music, the jazz, the funk, the reggae or still the new wave.

The piece Sweet Instigator particularly knew an incredible success during summer, 2002. Piet Goddaer involved in the composition of the soundtrack of the Flemish series Sedes and Belli(2003 ) and produced and co-composer of the album 'Another Lonely Soul( 2004 ) of Novastar. Birthmarks was rewarded by numerous prizes and was certified disk of platinum. The Sailor Not The Sea(2004 ) is only increasing the success of Ozark Henry. Goddaer is again rewarded by a disk of platinum. The Soft Machine (2006 ) scores and is also disk of platinum. The Soft Machine (2006 ) scores and is also disk of platinum. We shall find moreover Piet on the stage of Forest National during an exceptional archi-complete concert. These ten admirable years must be celebrated with dignity... First of all by the release the end of this month of its album Decade and then by a passage in Lotto Arena of Antwerp!

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