PayPal, the online payment alternative


09 Nov 2012, 03:11 Last Updated: 26 Feb 2018, 13:02

You've spent hours wandering from eShop to eShop. After numerous clicks, you finally find the object of your desires. And then wham ... At the fateful moment of confirming your shopping cart, one last reluctance prevents you from confirming your order. Caution recommends that you do not disclose your financial data on the web …

The object of your lust will never be yours? This is without counting on PayPal !


Paypal is a service that allows you to pay online without sharing your financial information. In practice, all transactions go through the PayPal account that you previously created on .

On the merchant site, you can then proceed to payment using your PayPal account. No need to provide your bank account. It’s as simple as a letter in the mail ... a detail that will not disappoint regarding quality of service: the delivery of your purchases is guaranteed.

The PayPal interface also allows you to track the history of your transactions. Advanced users also use their account to receive money via sites like Ebay. They can then transfer the amounts into their regular bank account or use it to pay on other sites with their PayPal account.

Finally, we cannot stress enough, always be cautious on the Internet. PayPal, like others, is not immune to phishing attempts. Phishing is a known technique that aims at retrieving your personal information to steal your identity.

It often takes the shape of a more or less credible email asking you to confirm your data ... A warned netsurfer from BrusselsLife is worth a lot! Vincent Depreay