Popular massage techniques

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Written by Lorie Votuga - 17 Dec 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 19 Jun 2019, 10:14)
Popular massage techniques
Do you need to relax, forget the stress that is weighing you down, and feel rejuvenated again ?

Discover the selection of massages in Brussels and elsewhere. It’s a very ‘in’ way to wind down. Find which technique works for you and your needs. Enjoy!

Sensual massages

Californian massage

Goal? Relaxation and calming
Body zones? The entire body from the back of the neck to the feet, from the feet to the face.

The Californian massage is the star of massages today. It is given to bare skin with massage oil. The movements are gentle, controlled, and in a circular motion, first slowly. They work up to more intense rhythm, a guaranteed loosening effect. You may actually fall asleep during this session.

Ayurvedic massage

Goal? Distressing and energizing
Body zones? Mostly the back, but also the rest of the body

The ayurvedic massage originated in India. This massage is given with essential oils, purifies the body, releases muscle knots, and improves circulation. There are many different techniques that can be adapted to treat a particular affliction.

Holistic massage

Goal? Calm and frees the body of physical and emotional tensions
Body zones? All of the body, except genital areas

Holistic massage is a global massage with oil (plant or essential). Movements are effectuated according to different techniques: surface or deep massaging, slow or fast, stretching…

Massages from around the world

Thai massage

Goal? Fights against fatigue, revitalizes, and calms stress
Body zones? The entire body

For a Thai massage, you are fully dressed and lying on a futon. The therapist uses his or her elbows, legs, knees, and hands to stretch and apply pressure to the patient’s body. The techniques are relatively fast.  

Swedish massage

Goal? Tones, while still remaining relaxing
Body zones? Muscles and joints

The Swedish massage is quite athletic, yet mild and firm. The massaging, friction, impact, and therapeutic techniques are good for tense muscles and blood circulation.

Seated massages

Seated Amma massage

Goal? Quick relaxation and stress relief
Body zones? Back, shoulders, arms, hands, head, and back of the neck

Seated massages are rather short massages that we often find within businesses. The idea is for the person to relax in order to be more efficient and calm while working. The person sits on a special type of chair for an Amma massage.

Shiatsu massage

Goal? Fight against stress and fatigue
Body zones? Back, shoulders, arms, hands, head, and back of the neck

Traditional Shiatsu massage techniques are carried out with finger pressure. Rapid and invigorating, this massage is given to a seated and clothed patient, most of the time.

Hot stone massage

Goal? Eliminates body tension
Body zones? Back, stomach, thighs

Massages with hot stones give you a deep, healthy feeling. The preheated stones or pebbles are placed on different parts of the body along the meridians (energy pathways). Sometimes the stones are used to massage the muscles more deeply.

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