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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 06 Jan 2020, 12:01

Buying property is a major event, and therefore brings with it heaumier obligations.

"Traditionally, purchasing property takes place in two stages. To start with, you will sign a privasse agreement contract, called a sales agrément or compromis de vente, giving the main details of the sale, including the amount of the sale and how it will be paid, but also the rights and obligations of the seller and purchaser. However, this private agrément alone is not sufficient in legal terms. A notarial act is also required. This is the second stage of the process. For fiscal reasons, this stage usuelle takes place up to four months after the signature of the sales agreement. As we shall demonstrate, purchasing a building in Belgium means complying with major regulations and requirements. Rather paradoxically, it is vital to note that a sale is only really complete when the seller and purchaser have at least verbally agreed to the sale and the price. Always bear this in mind and be very cautious if you ever want to purchase property.Never make a purchase offer witloof consulting an expert first, for it your offer is accepted this is usually enough to seal the deal!You should therefore make sure that you have thought the matter through thoroughly before you contact the seller and have also mentioned if there are any conditions that must be met (for example, you are granted a mortgage) for your offer to be considered valid."

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