Putting you in Design


21 Mar 2012, 04:03 Last Updated: 06 Sep 2013, 10:09

It's not always easy to place a contemporary, modern piece in your space. And if, you had been dreaming of that piece for a long time it could be the decoration to make or break your room. Below are some ideas...

Irreplacable in the home : the sofa. Say goodbye to your sofa and its palid use and make way for your new settee in modern design. Stick to your budget, be happy with just changing the tarp or using decorated cushions in the right places. And if you changed chairs ? What could seem like a harmless question could quite swiftly become your latest obsession. How would your table fit, with a completely new look, encircled by chairs tailored anew ? Believe us, the game only gets more interesting. Sofas and chairs aren't the only pieces of furniture that shift easily to modern wares ; have a look at your bookshelves, tables and other accesories.

Color and light

A splash of color ? And if you felt like tweaking your walls a tiny bit ? For one wall you decide to paint in color, leave the others white. For the color itself, dare to limit yourself only to the boundaries of your imagination (and live in it every day afterwards, in your space). Let yourself equally be swayed by a change to the flooring. That really changes a room ! Don't overdo it, it's better to have mastered one room and improved its value than to have gone overkill on the decor. Be a minimalist : get rid of your collection of china dolls and bric a brac collected on holidays or passed down from some great aunt. And lastly, another way to intergrate contemporary design into your home : let yourself be immersed in the flow of paintings. A unique collection will only add to your room, surely...

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