Restaurants inside hotels

Written by Olivia Davis - 30 Sep 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:27)
Restaurants inside hotels
While strolling through Brussels you will often find yourself in front of hotels. The attractive facades make you want to go in… but your home is elsewhere! Wait, who says you can’t go inside these beautiful buildings? Hotels are not just for sleeping you know, but for eating too. You catch my drift? Yes, there are many great restaurants tucked inside these luxurious accommodations, and we have put a selection together for you.

Sea Grill – Radisson Blu Hotel

For a special occasion, the Sea Grill at the Radisson in Brussels is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, their specialty is seafood (read: the lobster). With two Michelin stars under their belt, you know it’s good. They decoration is elegant, and the coloring is warm. Enjoy a special lunch or dinner Monday to Friday inside the Radisson under the care of the acclaimed Chef Yves Mattagne.

L’Alban Chambon – Hotel Metropole 

L’Alban Chambon, named after the architect of Hotel Metropole, has a truly stunning decoration. In the luxurious dining room of the Italian baroque style, you can choose from hundreds of wines and a variety of specialty French cuisine like red tuna carpaccio or a fried veal noisette without having to book a room. The location of L’Alban Chambon is phenomenal too, right in the center city at place de Brouckère.  

SmoodS – Hotel Bloom

For more of an everyday, casual restaurant, try out SmoodS inside Hotel Bloom. The restaurant prides itself on the eclectic décor – and for good reason! The space is separated into several different themed seating areas, from “Bazaar” to “Aqua” to “Safari.” What makes SmoodS especially fun is their retake on classic Belgian foods, like the mitraillette sandwich. Their gourmet version is made with high quality venison and celeriac.

The Restaurant - The Hotel                                                               

One of the most easily recognizable buildings in Brussels is The Hotel. This 4 star hotel towers over Avenue Louise and is home to The Restaurant. Known for its superb and upscale cuisine, the brains behind the dishes are three world renowned specialists in French, Italian, and Thai cuisine. The menu is structured in a unique manner: first, there are nine basic ingredients each prepared in a French, Italian, and Thai style. For each ingredient, there is also a “classic” and a “creative” variation. So for example if you choose mushrooms, your Italian choices would be the “Italian Classic friend mushrooms with veal and herb ‘polpette’ ” or the “Italian Creative tagliolini with mushrooms, black truffle and veal kidneys in Madeira sauce.” Is your mouth watering yet?

L’Epicerie – Le Méridien 

Let us now head over to the classy Le Méridien Bruxelles hotel. Their restaurant, L’Epicerie, cleverly presents local dishes that you can try without a room key! They are open for lunch and dinner Monday to Friday. The Sunday brunch is a unique touch to L’Epicerie. It is best to make a reservation as it is quite popular!    

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