Resto Last Minute, gourmet meals for unbelievable prices!

Frédéric Solvel.

05 May 2014, 08:05 Last Updated: 05 May 2014, 11:05

Same day reservations for a table at some of the best restaurants in Brussels are now possible… yes it is true! And with a reduction to the bill! The old adage “the last will be the first” is now more like “the last to reserve will be the first to get the best price”.

The old rules no longer apply! Everyday at lunch, Resto Last Minute will publish different offers from their partner restaurants. With the help of your search engine or your intuition, all you savvy internet users can thus reserve a table for that same night…

Chou, Les Fils à Papa, L’Atelier de la Truffe Noire, and la Quincaillerie among others are already a part of Resto Last Minute’s repertoire.

The advantage over Groupon or la Fourchette is that the reduction of 20% to 50% is taken directly off of your bill (not including drinks). It does not come from an imposed offer, so you can order whatever you want!

More than 100 restaurants in Brussels are already on the platform and will continue to expand over time.

After Take Eat Easy and their delivery service and before la Fourchette, Resto Last Minute proposes this new approach to the restaurant industry.  

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