Ropes course in Brussels

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Ropes course in Brussels
Put your fear of heights to the test in the middle of nature. Slip on a harness and head for the trees. Tree climbing ropes courses (called accrobranche) challenge you in all different ways: monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps, ziplines… Swing from one branch to another a couple of meters from the ground. You’re in for a rush!

While the youngest will stay on the ground, older climbers can go up as high as 30 meters! There are different formulas for everyone: family, school, birthday, business, bachelorette parties…

The cables and platforms make the trees more sensitive and vulnerable, so it is necessary to regulate this. Each year, a tree trimmer is responsible for their maintenance, providing them with the light they need to develop. Respect for nature has not been forgotten. The paths for each course are also maintained so that the visitors can pass through freely without harming the nature.

Sortilège in Brussels

Between April and October, be immersed in the medieval and imaginary universe of Sortilège at Val du Bois des Béguines. You will experience an adventure that mixes fun, bravery, and team spirit. Become a knight, witch, or princess and meet other magical characters all along the course. A ropes course is often placed in the middle!

Aventure Parc

In south Brussels, just a couple of kilometers from the ring, face your fears in the Forêt de Beumont where you have a beautiful view of the entire city of Wavre. Welcome to the Aventure Parc de Wavre (adventure park).

In addition to ropes courses, the park has jumping on an inflatable mattress and even bungy jumping! Note that your kids must be a least 4 years old in order to become a master of the trees!


If you want to be adventurous in Forestia, you will need to prove your patience. This park is located in Reid, in the Theux commune, right outside the Hautes Fagnes. You will need a full hour to get there. However, once you are there, you won’t be disappointed: it’s one of the most reputed parks in Belgium. More than 10 courses will challenge your vertigo! You can also try the ziplines- the longest flirts with 120 meters! The big natural space encompasses an animal park with 300 species in the semi-wild.

Want more choices?

Accrobranche, or ropes courses, have been increasing in popularity. More and more parks are being built. Ecopark Adventure near Tournai near the French border. Natura Parc in Chimay in the Hainaut province. In the Luxembourg province, you could check out Cap Nature in Bertrix or Semois Aventure in Bouillon.  

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