Salsa Caliente


15 Sep 2010, 05:09 Last Updated: 26 Jul 2013, 09:07

All the Sundays, we offer you a trip to Latin America, especially Chili, the streets of Cuba, the lights of Salvador. Salsa as an absolute, fascinating and respected queen.

Find a partner before the show or at the place of the show, because this is a dance for two. The arms in the air, the foot pointed and... mas caliente!Of course, without exaggerating, you have the right to be a beginner and not to know exactly how to place your steps. You like it? Then you're on the road to the club "Tentation", every week with a Salsa cours, at 18 o'clock, then the evening continues from 20 o'clock with the DJs used to the meeting: Cisko, Diris Daris, Lady Tania or Robert Swing. A cozy, large and relaxing place on the corner of Laeken street, in wood with mezannine and big bay-windows, "Tentation" is ideal for this Sunday club which exists for many years, having a continuous success. The public is familiar, the passions stay and forme a resistant core, more and more important, the sound is improved each month and this gives a genuine and nice atmosphere. In conclusion: this is hot! Nicolas Deckmyn

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