Sharing cars in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 27 Nov 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:23)
Sharing cars in Brussels
For a philosophical or economical reason, the idea of putting a little distance between you and your precious ride might have crossed your mind…

However, right this moment as you are reading these lines, she is still sitting enthroned in front of your work building. To help you change your ways without completely estranging yourself from your car, BrusselsLife took a deeper look into motorized alternatives available in Brussels.



You’ve hit your limit! Never-ending traffic jams, impossible parking, broken or expensive meters… you can’t do it anymore. From now on, you will use your car occasionally and only when it’s convenient!

Cambio: cars to share

Put a little distance between you and your car, but still keep the car option close at hand. It’s possible. Since 2003, the Cambio system has been developing in Brussels. Objective? To offer cars for all to share.

In practice, you reserve a car by telephone, via the website or with the Smartphone Cambio app. You choose the length of your use (from one hour up to several days). The cars are in stations scattered throughout Brussels. When you’re done, no parking issues! Cambio cars have reserved parking spots.

What about the prices? The starting fees are billed to you: a participation fee (reimbursed when you cancel membership), a monthly fee (4€/ month), and 25€ for the activation fee.

Next, you have to pay the utilization costs each time that you rent a car: 1.75€/hour until 11 pm, 21 € for 24 hours as well as a price per kilometer (about 25 cents). The fuel, insurance, breakdown service, and VAT are included.

Zen Car: public electric cars

Need a car to do your shopping, go to the dentist, or for moving? Zen Car can respond to all your needs. The idea is the same as Cambio but in a green version since these are electric cars! Attention, don’t forget to plug the car back in at the charging station when you are done.

The advantage? Parking is free, and there are always Zen stations available. Inconvenience? You can drive for as long as you want, but keep an eye on the battery. The battery life of Zen Car is 100 km on average. And depending on the model, the speed is also limited.

Prices? Starting at 6€ per hour. Membership is free. The first use, insurance and vehicle maintenance are all included in the price.

Carpooling in Brussels

Why not share your car trip and maximize ecologically, economically, and socially? That’s what awaits you with carpooling! It’s simple: fill up all the seats in one car and share the costs with the owner of the car.

Specific websites exist for every type of trip that you wish to take, whether it’s regular or not. These are platforms where you can both post offers and request rides.

To go to is one of the best sites for getting from home to work. Find yourself a commute partner!

To go to school: For students, go to kids’ Parents can get in contact with each other to share trips to the same school. Another pilot project is which works the same way. This last site was just launched in Wallonia and will soon expand into Brussels.

To go to the airport: Getting to the airport is often a hassle. Optimize your trip to Zaventem with

To get to an event: Are you looking for a way to get to a concert tomorrow night at Forest National or at Couleur Café? puts concert goers and music lovers in contact with each other.

To go abroad: International sites can also help you plan your trips abroad. helps you organize short or long trips in Belgium or elsewhere, whether it’s a regular trip or a one time thing. and work similarly and will take you everywhere in Europe.

Djump application

For Smartphone people… The Djump application helps you to find a chauffeur at any time no matter where you are in Brussels! Make a call with the application for a ride. A member of the Djump community close to you will come pick you up and drive you to your destination. You can thank the driver by giving a donation of your choice.

Who are the drivers? Brussels habitants who are trying to make ends meet doing a good deed for their passengers.

Good to know: There is no insurance issue with carpooling. All the owners of the vehicles have obligatory insurance that covers the third party (aka all passengers that are also in the car).

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