Skateboarding in Brussels

Olivia Davis.

17 Jun 2014, 14:06 Last Updated: 08 Jul 2014, 12:07

One supremely sunny day, our friend from the United States, Jeffrey, took to the city streets. The avid skater had his board in hand, itching to discover the spots. He tested the skating scene in Brussels, with as the guide.

First, to roll on the uneven cobblestones, not even an option. Jeffrey explained how his small wheels wouldn’t stand a chance. So, we went on the hunt for the spots specifically made for this discipline…

Skateboarding in the city

When you say skateboarding in Brussels, the Ursulines skate park is the first to come to mind. In the shadow of the Church of Notre-Dame de la Chapelle in the Sablon sits this reference for skaters in Brussels. A bowl, quarter pipe, pyramid, box and rail all psychedelically painted, make up this public skateboard area in the city.

The verdict? “The location is cool. You just need the right wheels to grip the ground.” The paint, while livening up the concrete, also makes for a slippery surface that certain wheels handle better than others.


Next stop: Mont des Arts. We have officially left the park and entered city skating scene: a large open area with plenty of stairs. “You can tell people skate here because of the scratched corners of the barriers.” Not much to test out (and the slippery stones were not that safe either), so we left before something bad happened. 


Then we headed to the skate spot at Trône in front of the ING building. It’s a wide, flat space full of people on nice days. Space for tricks and grinding, but no half pipes or boxes. Nevertheless, very popular.


Lastly, we hopped on the bus to Place Weiner, and it is there where Jeffrey hit gold. Maybe you didn’t know that right around the corner from the bus stop is a small fenced off skate park. 

Our skateboarder couldn’t get enough of it. Plenty of possibilities in this modest park. “This one’s my favorite. My wheels work better with this sort of concrete, and the set-up is fun.” Two quarter pipes, a waiter ramp, and a bank.

Other choices

If you need more variety, all you need is to know the right spots. Where we didn’t go, you can. By the Gare du Luxembourg, Gare Centrale, in the wide avenues of the Bois de la Cambre, these are all good spots to ride.  

A complete map can be found here