Street View available in Brussels!

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 22 Nov 2011, 00:00 (Updated: 25 Aug 2015, 09:08)
Street View available in Brussels!
Street View is finally available in Belgium. This feature of Google Maps lets you explore cities, villages, entire neighborhoods... as you stroll the streets of your choice and this in 360 °! An amazing tool which will no doubt satisfy your curiosity on Internet...

In the beginning, there was an armada of cars and tricycles which, over a few months, scoured the boulevards, streets and alleys of the kingdom. Then the Google wizards treated the images and a few months later, in November 2011, the average person could enjoy the results ...

We tested for you!

Thanks to easy functionalities (see below), we went to discover Brussels. First objective: the Atomium. We were thrilled to rediscover our landmark and best of all, to see the sun reflected on its panels ! Back in the city, Brussels is revealed to you. So what were you doing when the Google Cars were immortalizing your surroundings? Were colleagues of yours lighting cigarettes on the sidewalk? Were your gardens blooming ? Who squats your parking space during the day?
STOP! Let's stop fantasizing! Your privacy is at least slightly protected. The faces of passers-by, like the license plates of vehicles, are blurred. The would be terrorists will take advantage of Google to prepare their moves: you indeed happily wander around international institutions, the NATO headquarters and the royal residences while enjoying the detailed panorama. If it is in your plans, remember that these images are a few months old. (And especially that terrorist acts are punishable by law.) But Street View may very well allow you to meet funny people such as these two tourists who, while immortalizing the Google Car, were themselves propelled to posterity. (side picture)

How does it work?

You're eager to test it? You want to have your turn at experimenting Street View? This new feature is accessible via the "Maps" tab from Google. And to help you get used to this tool, a manual is available with all the necessary informations to make the most out of it. Frédéric Solvel & Kriss

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