The Best Blogs About Brussels

Written by Olivia Davis - 11 Mar 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:30)
The Best Blogs About Brussels
The blogosphere welcomes all willing to rant, rate, and ramble. Analyze to the nth degree the best coffee shops in your commune. Discover a cool thrift store. Profess your love for that certain pain au chocolat …

Many Brussels inhabitants have put finger to keyboard about their personal experiences in the city. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a newfound gem.  

First the blogs that cover Brussels in a general sense.

Spotted by Locals

Their motto: “Experience Brussels like a local.” The 6 “Spotters” on Spottedbylocals share their personal Brussels with the world. They do short, engaging posts on everything from lesser known cinemas, to architecture in Brussels, to relaxing spots for tea. A local’s view on how to enjoy the city.  


Bruxelles la Belle

Bruxelleslabelle will leave you anxious to get out from behind your computer and into the streets of Brussels! This lover of Brussels touches on many cool restaurants and shops. With her pleasant writing and convenient categories (by commune and subject), searching is easy.



You can tell Cheeseweb has been in the blogging business for some time. Their posts talk about Belgium in a more general sense, but many concern Brussels. A thorough blog that tells the story of an adventurous family’s life in the capital of Europe.



Between fries, chocolate, beer, mussels, cuisine from around the world, and the occasional Brussels sprout, food blogs needed their own category.


Tastes of Brussels


Sift through commentary related to all things food in Brussels – bars, cafés, restaurants, markets, etc.  Tastes of Brussels is easy to navigate and gives details you wouldn’t otherwise know about – like what the server will bring you for an appetizer (if you're at Ouzerie, expect olives, pickled peppers, and bread!) or if the service was good.


Bite Me, Brussels

Bite Me, Brussels is blunt and to the point. They are grading restaurants for price, service, food, and atmosphere. The cleverly titled categories could keep you busy for a long time. “Frite Off!”, “Just plain bad”, “Chill Corner”...




This is written by a self-professed foodie. Whyiamnotskinny is an eating out guide to Brussels with good pictures. But there are also recipes galore.


Other good sites with lots to offer are On Glorious Food and Wine, The City Geek, and Best of Brussels, but these may be less up-to-date. And if these choices aren't enough, see Brussels through the eyes of an American with a blogger at American Girl in Brussels. Have a hay day with these blogs. They may eat away your time, but they won't leave you hunting for things to see and do.

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