Urban vintage market The Brussels Vintage Market, Street & Sportswear market edition.

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The Brussels Vintage Market, Street & Sportswear market edition.
If you want to do something in the middle of Brussels and as quickly as possible, we have found the Brussels Vintage Market with its Street and Sportswear market.

Activity in Brussels.

The streetwear culture really exploded in the 90s, and is still popular among young people today, with designs that continue to be released. More than just a culture, streetwear is often compared to an influential art movement. Are you in the middle of this trend, or do you want to be more curious about it? Then the Street and Sportswear market is for you. 



Where and when ? 

On February 20th, from 10 am to 6 pm, you will have the opportunity to see the Street and Sportswear Market which is an event dedicated to urban culture and sneaker lovers. This market will take place at 227 Avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles. For the price, you will only have to pay 6 euros for the entrance, a very cheap price, and you won't have to waste more money if you don't want to. You should know that the 6 euros you have to pay before going to the event, you have to book your ticket online, this is a good thing, because you will have your place and you will not have to fight or push others to get to this place, you will be at ease. You can look at the different items that will be sold without necessarily buying any if you don't have a crush. So this is a feasible and affordable outing for everyone. Another thing that will delight you is that the Brussel Vintage Market is the largest vintage market in Belgium. This makes it an unmissable place. This market will be held indoors so you won't encounter rain while shopping. 



A market full of content and surprises

You may wonder what you will find there? There will be plenty of vendors on site, and you will be able to buy their products, including trainers, t-shirts, sportswear, bags, etc. You will also have the opportunity to watch skateboard making demonstrations. You can bring your own pair and ask for them to be customised. Customisation of t-shirts, caps and bags is also part of the programme. Tattoo artists will also be on site, so if you want to get a tattoo this would be a great opportunity. There will be a dance show to get you into a festive mood as well as DJ mixes. There will also be food and drink on site, so you can spend the whole day at this flea market without any worries. There will be other surprises to impress you as much as possible. 



If you want to find a retro Jordan, Nike Air Max or Adidas Run Dmc of very good quality, because they are no longer available anywhere, you now have the best address for this. Go to the official website of Brussels Vintage Market to book your place. 



We wish you great shopping and interesting finds. 


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