Holiday Fair 2022 The Holiday Fair 2022 edition.

Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 16 Mar 2022, 00:00 (Updated: 16 Mar 2022, 15:22)
The Holiday Fair 2022 edition.
Originally scheduled to take place in February, the holiday fair is finally returning for its 2022 edition from 24 to 27 March. 

Explain that the holiday fair takes place in March.

This exhibition will therefore take place in Palais 12, on the Heysel site in Brussels. It is intended for all holiday and travel enthusiasts. It offers visitors the opportunity to discover far-off sites, nearby places or travel packages, the choice is yours.



March means holidays because of Carnival and spring, which is a great opportunity for you to organise an unforgettable trip. Looking for a good travel agency? Stop looking now! We have found the perfect place to help you in your search.



A fair with a lot of choice

Holidays are very popular with Belgians but the choice is always difficult, with the holiday fair you can find all kinds of travel exhibitors more easily. You will have all the choice available on the spot, no need to travel elsewhere. You can also take advantage of this fair to exhibit your projects that include the theme of travel by registering to participate in it. Gastronomy to make you travel, virtual tour with headphones or exhibition of typical objects from different countries are present at this event to make you want to visit a particular country or to make a road trip by focusing on several countries. 




Quality exhibitors

On the spot you will see many exhibitors like for example "Romania Autrement" one of our partners who will be present at this fair. With Romania Autrement, you will discover Romania and the Republic of Moldova like never before. This travel agency dismantles preconceived ideas about these two countries, such as the fact that you need a guide to travel there, that these places are not suitable for tourism or that these two countries are not safe. This is not true, as both countries are English speaking, so you should have no problem communicating with the locals, and Romania is part of the European Union, so the country is safe and suitable for travelers. With Romania otherwise you will see beautiful and varied landscapes, passing by the sea, the forests or the mountains, you can see all kinds of different reliefs. As far as accommodation is concerned, you will have the possibility to stay in manor houses, rustic houses or modern buildings, so you will enjoy a comfortable and original experience. Activities and gastronomy are also on the program of this agency, if you decide to travel with this one your stay will be complete. Quality is the order of the day with Romania Autrement.



The travel agencies at this exhibition will listen to you and advise you in the most precise way possible in order to enjoy your holiday in the best possible conditions.



Visit the 2022 holiday fair and enjoy a holiday that you will never forget and that will create wonderful memories.


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