The Lemon Spoon: the practical guide with a zest of lemon

The Lemon Spoon: the practical guide with a zest of lemon

The Lemon Spoon is a Belgian platform that promotes sustainability.

The Lemon Spoon: 100% Belgian
The platform "The Lemon Spoon" was created by young Brussels Caroline Vermeersch. This young woman had an awakening when returning from her Erasmus in Barcelona ... We consume too much and in addition this consumption is not sustainable.

When she returned to Belgium, she decided to change the way she consumed food, clothes, and her lifestyle in order to reduce her ecological impact. Caroline Vermeersch shares her change of consumption on Instagram, then on her blog "The Lemon Spoon" and now it becomes a professional platform on sustainable consumption.

The Lemon Spoon focuses on two axes. First, you will find a directory of sustainable brands "Conscious Guide" in the field of cooking, beauty, travel, lifestyle and fashion. How are these brands selected by The Lemon Spoon? Caroline has developed a charter that includes 5 points:

- The eco-responsible
- The well-being of the body and the mind
- Local production
- Fair Trade
- The recycling

To be part of the #StartTheChange Guide, brands must meet at least two of these criteria.

Second, a "blog-documentary" that raises awareness and awareness of The Lemon Spoon's readers for sustainable, ecological and short-circuit consumption. Caroline Vermeersch is helped by contributors to feed her blog space in The Lemon Spoon. They highlight brands, actions that change sustainable consumption and they explain to us that we can consume differently without giving up who we are.

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