The Midi Fair with 2 kids for 50 €

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 25 Jul 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Aug 2013, 14:03)
The Midi Fair with 2 kids for 50 €
The Midi Fair will be in full swing until August 18th. Two adults + 2 kids = fifty euros- this is the equation we tempted to follow yesterday afternoon in the company of Yumin (11) and Arthur (3 1/2).

Your two little jokers have been itching for weeks at the idea of storming the attractions that line the boulevard du Midi. They are dreaming of eating croustillons, fishing for ducks and getting dizzy on the Eclipse ride… here is how to fulfill their wishes without emptying your wallet.

Follow the directions to the parking lot at Porte de Hal. You can park there during your trip to the fair for a special price of 3 €. 3 €
Before crossing over Blaes Street, we stumble upon the classic ride for every age: the long wooden toboggan named “La Suisse.” Only 3 of the 5 lanes are in use. So daddy will be the one going down the slide with them. (6 €) 9 €

To the end and back

The best way to approach the fair is clear: on the way down the street observe the attractions and make your choices… On the way back up, do your favorites!  
At the end of the boulevard du Midi, you’ve got the first dilemma. Savage river or Ferris wheel? Considering the temperature, it’s got to be the savage river. The Ferris wheel can wait until Winter Wonders. Mrs. Excuses just takes pictures from the outside to escape the ride. (3 x 4 = 12 €) 21 €
Seeing all this water made Yumin and Arthur think they were Manneken Pis. Bathroom break. (2 x 0,5 = 1 €) 22 €

Fishing for ducks or Eclipse?

A promise is a promise. Everyone got to pick an attraction. Arthur (3 1/2) climbs up on the ledge of the fishing for ducks attraction. Let’s hope that the points on the bottom of the ducks (that he is so nicely saving from the water for 5 €) allows him to get a good prize. He tries really hard and in the end chooses a water gun. 27 €
Yumin (11) is dying to get dizzy on the Eclipse. Unfortunately, there is no one brave enough to ride with her. She makes due with Air Maxx next door and manages to convince her mom to experience the thrill of the moment with her. (2 x 5 = 10 €) 37 €
A little break is needed at this point to get ourselves together. Even if Mrs. Prepared had thought of carrying along a water bottle and some hard candies, Daddy insists on livening them up with some croustillons. (9 croustillons – 5 €)    42 €
To let our stomachs settle, we go to a classic attraction. Yumin and Arthur hop on wooden horses for a short ride on the merry-go-round…(2 x 2.50 = 5 €before everyone goes to the horse racing game (5 €) 52 €
Dangit! We’re past our budget! Luckily there are coupons on On your way back to the parking lot, take a break at the playground located on top of the parking lot. Good news, this attraction is free.  50 €

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