Tintin at the Amigo

Frédéric Solvel.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 15 Jul 2014, 12:07

Hotel Amigo had just converted two suites entirely dedicated to Tintin. Beside these sumptuously decorated suites, the hotel invites you to carry on the adventure by following on the famous journalist's footsteps.

Tintin's place 26 Labrador street doesn't have to envy the Hotel Amigo's rooms. Indeed, the suites decoration, made up of perfectly found objects, combines harmoniously Tintin's world and the luxury of this 5 stars. For example, you may see a copy of the Unicorn's model, you might also order a crab (with golden pincers) through a dial phone. At the hotel, you can also find a Tintin package, including a Belgian cookies or chocolates, a 'Tintin' path accross Brussels,… Families will be happy to, thanks to a room dedicated to kids, equipped with the famous games console and a dvd player. Nevertheless, the Hotel hasn't plan something for your Milou…... yet; Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo
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