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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 10 Jun 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:32)
Top 10 souvenirs from Brussels
People who come to this beautiful capital are always looking for the perfect gift. And people who live here are doing the same thing to share a piece of Brussels with the world.

Ranging from 2 to 3,800 euros, here is beer, lace, Manneken-Pis, and several other good ideas that will never lose their gift-ability. 

10. Tourism with a message

Are you a conscientious tourist? Did you plant trees after a long plane trip to even out your carbon footprint? Brussels has the hoodie for you: “Save water, drink Belgian beer.” Also take a look at the more subtle designs of the United States of Belgium brand. Not yet available in store but are already being delivered around the world!

Hoodie – 29 euros – available in the souvenir shop on rue au Beurre
United States of Belgium t-shirt from 69 euros


9. Beer and their glasses

Being has predictable as it is, it’s impossible to give beer a higher rank. However, you can score some points by standing out a bit… how? Either by giving beers that are actually produced in Brussels (Cantillon and Brasserie de la Senne), or by accessorizing the divine beverage of your choice with the appropriate glass. Success guaranteed!


8. The souvenir where you’re the star

Zero kilo addition to your suitcases and an impressive statement no matter what. Get set up, take a picture of yourselves with a phone, and send the picture as a post card with the use of an application. Let your imagination carry you to surprise your recipient! There are lots of options for attention-grabbing selfies with Manneken Pis and the Atomium…

Starting at 1.33 euros via Touchnote or Bpost 


7. Snow no matter the season

Shake and watch the snow dance. Snow globes are the classic souvenir, no matter how cheesy.

Available in many different stores between 4 and 10 euros
6.50 euros for the model pictured


6. Speculoos

Instead of including the overused chocolate idea, we opted for speculoos, the delicious crunchy cookies made with brown sugar and spices. Since flavors are always a point of debate, we fell for the trio proposed by the Maison Dandoy. Perfect pretext for three times the deliciousness. And with the attractive and classic packaging, you can skip the wrapping. 

Trio speculoos – 18 euros – available in all Dandoy stores


5. A comic book, but not just any

As the capital of comic strips par excellence, Brussels is not lacking in souvenirs of the 9th art. Forget about the Tintin boutique and head to Brüsel. You will find the comic strip with the same name.

In Brüsel, Francois Schuiten depicts the city as a sensational uchronia, an alternate history. Maybe not so good news for English speakers - the volume is only available in French, Dutch, and German. But there is good news: with the purchase of two of Schuiten's albums, you will leave with a free screen print!

Brüsel by François Schuiten - 20€ - Available at Brüsel


4. Lace

Lace from Brussels can be found in any form imaginable. At Kantolino, we have to admit off the bat that lace doilies are not the hottest gift. Tourists usually go for the little accessories: pouches, handkerchiefs, umbrellas… 

The umbrella is available in several different sizes going from 6.50 to 32.50 euros.
At Kantolino (Rue Henri Maus, 51)   

3. A refrigerator magnet

As a sign of a quality souvenir, magnets are proudly displayed on refrigerator doors all across the world. In Brussels, the theme is usually the flower carpet or traditional architectural facades that can be lined up one after another. 

Available in a number of stores starting at 2 euros


2. Onesies for the little ones

Your children are too young to travel with you? Is your best friend expecting? Go for a onesie stamped with specialties from Brussels. A baby boy could sport a generous portion of Belgian fries while girls get the chocolate covered waffle.

Baby onesies with Brussels food motifs – 9.95 euros
Available at Brussels Corner (Rue de l’Etuve, 27)

1. Lifesize Manneken-Pis

Sorry, you can’t stuff the Eiffel Tower or Lady Liberty in your suitcase after your visit to the City of Lights or the Big Apple. However, the 55 centimeter Manneken-Pis remains an option, sliding easily into a carry-on bag.

On the ground floor of the hotel La Vieille Lanterne, right near Manneken Pis himself, you can buy a polyester version for 65 euros. Mireille Ruytinx has been at the head of the boutique since 1988. She remembers the time when the plaster copies were still made in the store’s own workshop. She added that all you have to do is connect their hose to an aquarium pump so that your Manneken Pis can relieve himself in complete impunity.

You can also buy yourself a dressed version for 275 euros. The in-store designer does miracles!

And finally, for the biggest of fans, a bronze version announced at 3,800 euros is still up for sale.

Life size Manneken Pis – 65 euros
Available at La Vieille Lanterne (Rue des Grands Carmes, 29)

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