Top 100 Brussels songs by FM Brussel

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 02 Nov 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 28 Nov 2014, 13:30)
Top 100 Brussels songs by FM Brussel
FM Brussel, the Brussels Flemish-speaking, unveiled its new Top 100 Brussels songs. The rankings were decided by the listeners of the radio. Who would take over Arno in 2011, Brel in 2012 and Stromae in 2013? Well, it's once more the great Jacques of course! Just like 2012, he's back at the top of the podium.

Jacques Brel made it to the top, but Stromae can also be content by placing three of his hits amond the Top 10! Papoutai is ninth, while Formidable is fourth. Tous les mêmes makes a ground-breaking entry by going straight to second place! Have you heard the a cappella version of it? No? Well, here it is... 


The most famous artists didn't take it all though. UMAN appears twice in the Top 100: at the 25th ranking with Elle dit and at the 18th with Quoi de neuf. Very nice move for De Fanfaar as well, who occupies the 10th place with Adieu. Also noteworthy: Melanie de Biasio, BRNS or The Magician


The Top 3 is held this year by Jacques Brel, Stromae and Johan Verminnen, who holds the third place with his forever famous Brussel. This song came out not that much longer after the Bruxelles de Dick Annegarn (article in French). 


Brel won this year, but not with his Bruxelles, but with the time-less Ne me quitte pas...


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