Tracing something unique: a new fresco each day

Following the comic book, art nouveau and fashion trails, why not follow a path that leads towards some frescoes to challenge your preconceptions?

Créé le 06/10/2016 - Dernière mise à jour le 06/10/2016

The saga of these frescoes continues, with some being distinctively cheeky, while others are disturbing or even obscene. Since mid-September, a number of challenging and controversial frescoes have appeared in Brussels.


The first to create a buzz, the giant penis fresco in Saint-Gilles, near the Barrière, is due to be removed in the coming weeks, though no date has been set so far..


Brussels City remains a censorship-free zone. The frescoes in Place Stéphanie depicting a masturbating woman, and another that shows penetration in the rue des Poissonniers, will remain in place.


Two frescoes have also appeared in the Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood (near the winter Ferris wheel). An anus is one of the featured subjects, while the latest, uncovered by our colleagues at Bruzz – depicts a birth.

Map of the frescoes