Twitter :: Who does what?

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 07 Jun 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Aug 2015, 09:08)
Twitter :: Who does what?
After blogs, instant messengers or Facebook, a new revolution of the Net comes us straight... from the United States: Twitter!

In the beginning, the Twitter's creators wanted to give the opportunity to its members to send sms, instantaneously visible on their website, in order to describe what they were doing... The idea today is similar but a little more developed: staying in touch with your friend by "blogging" and posting short messages (140 characters maximum) by Internet, instant messengers or sms.

But in what Twitter is it different from the traditional blogs?

A blog only brings back activities of one or two persons, or of a group of people. Twitter, on the other hand, proposes you to select the network's members you want to follow and gathers the whole in only one page! A search engine enables you to find some of your friends, to follow the adventures of our politicians, the crusty life of some stars or to know, from day to day, which new names will be present during the next festivals. It goes without saying you could also be followed by other members.

Twitter :: New marketing tool

Simple and easy to use, Twitter convinces each day thousands of new surfers. But not only individuals... companies quickly understood the advantage of such a marketing tool! Completely free, Twitter gives the possibility to companies to share their innovations with the community , to advertize and to communicate more quickly than through traditional mediums. Barack Obama, for example, actively communicated via this web tool during its presidential campaign in 2008. What's happening at BrusselsLife ? To discover it, let's meet on Twitter ! Emilie De Decker

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