Volunteering in Brussels

Volunteering in Brussels

Created on 05/07/2012 - Last updated on 13/12/2012 Ever thought about becoming a volunteer for a non-profit organisation in Brussels? Helping people, enjoying life and working together to make things better… there's always a reason to engage!

What Het Punt v.z.w. is a Flemish non-profit organisation active in Brussels in the field of volunteering: - Promotion: Het Punt v.z.w. promotes volunteering in Brussels through advertising, an own website (www.vrijwilligerswerk.be), an information point on Treurenberg and the use of a big shopping window. - Information: Het Punt v.z.w. provides information on volunteer issues such as rights and duties, insurance, legal issues, … - Het Punt v.z.w. connects volunteers and organisations in the non-profit sector. Organisations can publish there volunteer vacancies in a database on the site www.vrijwilligerswerk.be for volunteers to view. Het Punt v.z.w. also presents a brochure with volunteer vacancies in English. - Courses: Het Punt v.z.w. organises courses about volunteering: volunteer management, public relations in volunteer organisations, guiding volunteers, motivation of volunteers, selection and evaluation, … - Publications: Het Punt v.z.w. presents several publications on volunteering: about rights and duties, recruiting volunteers, motivating volunteers, the selection and evaluation of volunteers and insurance for volunteers and -organisations. Where Het Punt v.z.w. is located on Treurenberg 24, 1000 Brussels. We are open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 am and 1 pm, or after appointment. Who Het Punt v.z.w.'s coördinator is Veerle Leroy. Katrien Van Vaerenberghe and Afsaneh Younespour complete the team.

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