Did you say vintage?

Written by - 07 Nov 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 05 Feb 2013, 15:54)
Did you say vintage?
Reserved for long to a few initiates precursors of new trends, vintage today has turned into a frenzy. Decoration, fashion, jewellery, restaurants, hotels, art ... for some it is a hobby, but becomes a religion for others. If you enjoy hunting for antiques but when you hear people talking about vintage, you just politely nod because like most, you do not know what this term actually means, it is strongly recommended that you read what follows!

In vino veritas

Originally, the word vintage referred to a vintage wine or port. Often used by young cool people today, it seems that there are however some discrepancies. For some, it evokes second-hand clothing from the 60s, for others objects of worship from decades ago and for some others, it is a rare signed furniture or garment. Not being fashionistas of the purist kind, we'll just say that everything that is retro is considered vintage.


Indeed, why bring out of their attic granny's flowered dresses which smell of mothballs ? First to stand out from the crowds. To arrive at your office on Monday morning wearing a brand new sweater from Zara and to find out that your colleague had exactly the same idea is quite annoying isn't it ? Buying vintage is to make sure that you have a unique piece which allows you to stand out.

Some also give great importance to the history of those period pieces since owning something that has survived time, which has a history, is appreciated. In a world where everything is mass produced and where the question of the value of the serial object is placed, a one of a kind item will be much more valuable. Quality is also an advantage, the materials used in those days were better, the workmanship more meticulous.

And in Brussels?

First of all, you can not miss the mythical flea market on "Place du Jeu de balle" which is open daily from 6am to 2pm. You will find everything and anything from paintings, furniture, jewellery, clothing, photographs ... Go early to find the rare gems or late to retrieve the objects left by the vendors! In the same area you will find the "rue Blaes "brimming with antique shops and thrift clothes of all kind. Especially at "Foxhole", an Ali Baba cave for vintage lovers with very affordable prices. Located more in the center of the city, the Dansaert neighbourhood is also a window into the vintage world: Gabrielle, Idiz Bogam, Lucien Cravatte, Isabelle Bajart ...

You got the message, Brussels has quite a few surprises in store for all vintage lovers! Gloria Rojas Galvez

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