Brussels in April What to do in Brussels in April ?

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - (Updated: 04 Apr 2022, 16:05)
What to do in Brussels in April ?
Here are some activities you can do to have a great April.

Explain that we are going to draw up activities to be held in April.

We are finally in spring and the sun is shining on us every day, so it's a great time to enjoy April. Moreover, the Easter holidays are getting closer and closer, so you will have more time to take your mind off things. Here are some activities you can do if you are short of ideas.


MIA 2022 for the Asian fans

First of all, for fans of Asian Pop culture, there is the Made in Asia which will take place from 8 to 10 April, since we have already mentioned the subject in a previous article, we will not dwell on this one, it should just be said that this appointment is to be classified as a must for the month of April. 



The Floralia will dazzle you with all its colours 

Also covered in a previous article, the Floralia Brussels will take place from 2 April to 3 May. We just wanted to remind you that this exhibition will take place in April and will be a must for all nature lovers.



World Art Day

On 15 April, we will celebrate World Art Day, which is organised by UNESCO and has been since 2012. This date will be perfect to visit museums or exhibitions all around Brussels, there should even be discounts on that day.



Quality cinema with the Brussels Short Film Festival

Another very interesting event that will highlight short films is the Brussels Short Film Festival which will be held from 20 to 30 April for its 25th edition. Fans of cinema cannot miss this festival which will present national and even international films. 



For the music lovers among you

Let's talk about music now, The Botanical Nights are back in force in our beautiful capital, from 27 April to 16 May, putting forward pop, rock and electro music to offer several genres and please you in this way. In terms of concerts, you can find Pentatonix, Republic One and The Chainsmoker who will be performing at Forest National, the former on 18 April, while the latter will be on stage on 20 April, and finally you can attend the concert of The Chainsmoker on 27 April.



Art everywhere in April

Art Brussels, one of Europe's most original and renowned contemporary art fairs, is pleased to announce its 38th edition with over 150 international galleries. The contemporary art fair will take place from 28 April to 1 May 2022. Another event you can add to your calendar is the Brussels Design Market for vintage art. This market is the largest design market in Europe, so don't miss this institution.



Bourse 'O' Pop the perfect event for collectors 

Because Brusselslife takes everyone into account, collectors will be delighted to know that the 8th edition of the Bourse 'O' Pop will have its own fair, which will be located at Rue de Flandre number 46, 1000 Brussels. 



Music Industry Awards, the ceremony that highlights our beautiful music 

Finally, for the Dutch speakers of Brussels, we said we were thinking of everyone, the Music Industry Awards will have its ceremony to reward Belgian singers on 30 April at Palais 12, enough to end your month of April with prestige. 



You know how to keep yourself busy now, take note of these events and we hope you will participate in as many of them as possible to have the most fun. 


Enjoy yourself and yes you can get a little loose this April, as the good weather is back.


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