Activities in Brussels. What to do in Brussels in March ?

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What to do in Brussels in March ?
March is coming up in a fortnight, so we're going to give you some ideas on how to make the most of your March.

Explain that March is coming and say that we have some ideas for activities.

March is spring, which means that flowers bloom and leaves grow on the trees, but more importantly the sun returns and the rain decreases. Activities during this month can therefore take place both indoors and outdoors. People are more festive, more joyful. So many reasons to get out of your house. So Brusselslife has listed some activities you can do to brighten up your day. 



The Banad for your culture

First of all, do you know about the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco festival (simply Banad) and did you know that it will be held from 12 to 27 March? What can you do there? Visits to exceptional Art Nouveau and Art Deco interiors, guided walks, bus and bike rides, exhibitions, concerts, family activities, and themed evenings, all to keep you entertained during your visit. Given the duration of this event, there is plenty of time to go once or even several times to repeat your pleasure. 



The Frida Kahlo exhibition to be illuminated by emblematic works

Another possible activity, from 18 March you will have the opportunity to visit an exhibition on the colourful universe of Frida Kahlo in Brussels. You will be immersed in her world through her various striking and colourful works. Location of the exhibition: Théâtre Viage in Brussels.



Becoming aware of the importance of water 

Water Day is another event that takes place in March, on 22 March to be precise. During this day, a lot of activities are organised to raise awareness of the importance of water for our environment. Visits and guided walks around water, cruises, conferences, museums, storm water basins, protection of batrachians, nature observations, activities for children, are all on the programme to make you aware of this theme. This is an extremely important day during which many activities related to water take place.



Enjoy a good Belgian waffle 

On 25 March, you can add International Waffle Day to your calendar, as a good Belgian you should celebrate it in the right way. That's why you can go and taste all sorts of different waffles in the city centre to delight your taste buds. Moreover, you can combine this activity with beautiful walks through the Bourse, the Palais Royal and the shopping avenues. This activity can be done throughout the month of March, so don't hesitate for a second.



Erotix for the less prudish among you 

For the more adventurous among you, there will be the erotic fair from 25 to 27 March in Heysel Palace 4. We won't show you what's there, it's up to you to discover. 


How about a session at the theatre ? 

Finally, on 27 March we will be celebrating International Theatre Day, so you should go to the theatre on that date. If you've never been before, it's a great way to try out and see what goes on behind the scenes. You can look on the internet to find the nearest theatres or simply the best theatres in Brussels. 



All you have to do is try one or all of the activities we have just listed. 


Because the month of March doesn't count for anything.

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