When a blue carpet spreads across the Hallerbos

Do you know the secret of the Hallerbos/Bois de Hal? In the spring, a carpet of wild hyacinths transforms the forest floor into a sprawling blue-toned ocean… Some rather stunning natural heritage in the Brussels periphery that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Créé le 19/03/2014 - Dernière mise à jour le 23/04/2019

Every spring the undergrowth in the Bois de Hal takes on a mystical blue tent. It’s a divine sight, yet not a miracle. Or perhaps a miracle of nature.

What exactly happens?

Every year in April and May, wild hyacinths bloom over 250 hectares of the Bois de Hal (Hallerbos). At this time, the beech trees do not yet have their leaves, making room for all the sunlight that the flowers need to grow.  

Evolution for 2016

Our advice?

If you would like to experience this natural spectacle, try not to go to Hallerbos on weekends during blooming season. The paths will be packed. Go during the week, if possible. You will be able to enjoy the lovely smell of the flowers early in the morning or at night.

Attention! Picking the hyacinths or other flowers is not allowed. It is very important to preserve this heritage for nature's sake, and of course for our viewing pleasure...

Follow the evolution of the blossoming 2016

The buds are multiplying… The blue carpet is spreading a bit more each day. This week is a good time to come and admire the blossoming.

The best walk to see the hyacinths

There is not a specially planned out walk to see the wild hyacinths, but the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests traced one for you. It is 7 km, through the paths next to the flowers.