Wine bars in Brussels


05 Jan 2011, 05:01 Last Updated: 06 Apr 2017, 10:04

In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are king, so why couldn't beer leave a little space to wine? A kind of sane cohabitation between Saint Hubert and Bacchus. Here is a manual on wine bars in Brussels. Any bottle will do as long as one gets tipsy...

Our vineyard adventure of Brussels begins in Uccle on the place Brugmann with Winery. Beware those of you who always come late, at 20h exactly a gong announces last orders. Near the Cinquantenaire, Les Terroirs offers a lovely alternative to the local pubs. This is a perfect place for a glass after work or for any kind of meeting.


In Ixelles, this time, near the end of the rue du Bailli you will find Oeno Tk. On the big black board, Laurence Lardot and Grégory Castreuil announce an extensive list of wines from the world over to be tried inside. Let yourself be guided, discovery is the name of the game in this contemporary setting... Still in the Chatelain area, la Piola has the best selection of Italian wines served with a pasta buffet.


Saint-Gilles, now well into its annual fair, has some highly recommendable addresses: the Bistrot de la Poste on chaussée de Waterloo, the Rince Cochon on chaussée d'Alsemberg and A bout de Soufre only a cork flight away from the place Stéphanie. As far as originality goes, Saint-Gilles is right up there as demonstrated by the Café des Spores who, during the summer period, migrates every Monday to the place Van Meenen with its mobile cantina. What more could you ask for? Besides establishments exclusively reserved to wine, some restaurants are worth a visit either for their extensive cellar or for their excellent wine waiters. The fusion of the above mentioned is a real treat.

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