YellowKorner Gallery in Brussels

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13 Dec 2012, 03:12 Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:12

The YellowKorner Galeries have an ambition : to democratise art photography and make it accessible to everyone. YellowKorner exhibits and markets art photographs, the majority of which are limited editions, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The YellowKorner concept comes from a very simple equation: increasing the number of copies of an art photograph makes it accessible to more amateurs and collectors. Thus, instead of proposing 10 prints at 5,000 Euros, YellowKorner chooses to publish 1,000 at 50 Euros.

YellowKorner art photographs

All YellowKorner photographs are silver gelatin prints produced by a professional laboratory. Under the artist's control, the prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided. In agreement with the photographer, the same photograph can be available in one or several formats (20x30 cm, 24x36 cm, 60x90 cm, 100x150 cm and 120x180 cm). Each format has its own specific limit (open edition, limited edition of 150, 200 or 500 copies).

Photographers and their works

YellowKorner wants to provide a place for talent from different photography trends to be expressed. Thus contemporary artists are found alongside the greatest names in photography (Gustave le Gray, Eugène Atget, Man Ray, Dorothea Lange, Jean Dieuzaide, Bert Stern, Frank Horvat, Yann Arthus-Bertrand...), as well as period photographers (the primitive Japanese Kimbei, Nadar, Léon Gimpel...). For YellowKorner, these esteemed photographers have accepted to exceptionally increase the print volume for some of their works to make the prices affordable.

Galleries and online gallery

YellowKorner owns 50 galleries worldwide. In France and in Europe, but also in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Morocco, YellowKorner galleries offer a wide panorama of traditional and contemporary photography. Each gallery fulfils the first requirement of the founders of YellowKorner: to makes these exhibition sites a venue for culture and encounters between the public and chosen artists. In this vein, the galleries organise events and previews which photographers and celebrities attend in a common spirit of sharing. The entire YellowKorner photography is also presented in a virtual gallery.
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