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Air Games Brussels

07 April 2019 - 07 April 2019
AIR GAMES, a unique and original event where the key word is FUN! See you on April 7th at Laeken Park to send you in the air!


Parc de Laeken - Avenue du Gros Tilleul,  1020 Laeken

Event date & Times

An untimed course of 5 km, littered with at least 10 giant inflatable obstacles. These obstacles can be articulated, slippery, stunning even ... After a first anthology season in 2018, AIR GAMES are already inflated to block for 2019 ...

SPORT: AIR GAMES are sporting events, but not sports competitions. The goal is to go at your own pace, to experience giant inflatable obstacles ... and to get to the end, simply.

OUTDOOR: The AIR GAMES offers you an outdoor experience, a way to get high.

RELAXATION: AIR GAMES are moments of relaxation. You reconnect with your child's soul, with simple and true pleasures. We run, we jump, we bounce, and we even fall! We rejoice before the race. After, we laugh again and we tell his adventures!

CHALLENGE: The AIR GAMES, it remains a real challenge, to take up with family, between colleagues, with a group of friends ...

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Photo & Text Credits: Air Games, Denali.