SHOPAHOLIC WAY OF LIFE 4 of the best shopping spots in Brussels that simply can’t be missed

Written by Rédaction - 11 Mar 2020, 00:00 (Updated: 11 Mar 2020, 16:34)
4 of the best shopping spots in Brussels that simply can’t be missed
We all know that there are fabulous areas for drinking and partying across Brussels, but there are people whose heart beats for one thing: shopping.

Okay, maybe chocolate and a bit of champagne along the way doesn’t hurt either, but if you’re a shopaholic visiting Brussels for the first time, then you’re in luck. Brussels is a city brimming with high fashion, cheap deals, and more vintage shops than you probably have time for. To ensure you visit the best designers and boutiques that Brussels has to offer, we’ve listed four shopping spots that will give you the retail therapy you desire.

City 2

Centrally located and not too difficult to navigate, City 2 is a great mall to help get your shopping adventure started. With a nice mix of food court options, affordable clothing and accessory stores, gift shops, and some unique places to pick up souvenirs, City 2 boasts around 100 shops that cater to everyone’s tastes.

It won’t take you too long to walk around the mall, but it’s still worth a visit to get an idea of what shopping is available in Brussels. You could also check out Docks Bruxsel, which is a newer shopping mall with just as many shops plus a cinema (ideal if you’re with a partner who hates shopping).

Avenue Louise

Looking for luxury shopping? Here’s where you’ll find it. Avenue Louise is a street packed with some of the world’s best-known luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, and many other classy boutiques that demand your attention. Although the street is long (about 3km), the best stores are located in the direction of King’s Park. There are also some great independent and rare clothing stores on Rue du Bailli.


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Even if you just feel like window-shopping, you’ll have a great time checking out the gorgeous outfits and accessories, noting the prestigious buildings, sipping delicious coffee along the way, and taking a bit of time to people-watch and see how they live on the luxury side of Brussels. Keep in mind that if you didn’t get what you wanted, it’s a good idea to try out a personal shopping service and find some elegant styles over at Zalon.

Midi Market

To get a flavour of real-life Brussels and even a few bargains, head down to this huge street market on a Sunday morning (usually runs from 7am to 1pm). Take your time and browse; be sure to try some food samples before committing to a purchase! Get there early, as the good stuff will be gone by 12:30 pm.

This is where residents and tourists bustle about and attempt to grab as many amazing deals as possible. And we’re talking everything here: delectable cheeses and chocolates, home-grown and international fruit and vegetables, exotic herbs and spices, plants and flowers bursting with colour, quaint items perfect for the home, plus tons of beautifully-made leather goods and even some vintage clothing that’s hard to find elsewhere.


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Brussels Vintage Market

Pretty much what it says on the label, the Brussels Vintage Market is where the serious and casual shoppers begin to separate, as you can either just stroll around and look at a few items, or you can hunt down exquisite vintage deals like your life depends on it. You won’t just find clothing and accessories at this flea market, either, as there are also books, vinyl, furniture, and a lot of food and drink to keep you going.

Be warned, this great market only appears on the first Sunday of every month, so try to plan your trip around it. Failing that, there are many other great vintage stores in Brussels to enjoy.

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