A new start for Fins de Siècle & ... ever Plus

Written by Aureline Maillard - 06 Nov 2018, 09:51 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:59)
A new start for Fins de Siècle & ... ever Plus
After having been for a long time one of the most prestigious and emblematic brands of the Rue Haute, Fins de Siècle & Plus has a new beginning.

Still under the direction of Agnès Szabo - "Madame Art Deco" as she deserves to be nicknamed - radically adapting the design of yesteryear to the universe "up to date" of the canvas, while improving the scope of services exclusive offered ...

An increasingly international market

The evolution of a more internationalized market than ever will have sidelined the assets of the shop located in the heart of the Marolles, in favor of a new structure at the same time more flexible and more contemporary. Fins de Siècle & Plus has adapted to market trends, and is not limited to find the chandelier Art Deco or Design 50s which dreams your living room or this one, the sconces or the rare object that completes it.

A personalized high-end service

Agnès Szabo can take care of everything. From the find to the reissue through the restoration and confection. A personalized work from A to Z turned to the high end and of course, always listening to the customer. Simple individual or entrepreneur eager to bring to his brand (hotel, restaurant, bistro ...) a trendy look in the most chic harmonies. And that's good, because Art Deco and Design Fifties have become more and more secure values.

One Avenue Louise office and two warehouses on the outskirts of Brussels

The team of artisans of Fins de Siècles & ... always Plus now has an office located Avenue Louise better in phase with its eclectic clientele for what is more than a first contact, which will continue in one of the two warehouses located in the Brussels periphery, one in Zaventem and the other in Walloon Brabant, between Braine l'Alleud and Waterloo. (Attention Angès Szabo only receives you by appointment).

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