A week of afterworks in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 17 Apr 2018, 00:00 (Updated: 17 Jul 2018, 12:16)
A week of afterworks in Brussels
Want to relax with friends at the exit of the office? Brusselslife is a tour of the afterworks of the week, so you always know where to go...

At a time when some workers join their penates to land in their sofa, other tireless find themselves for the afterwork. For these rebels in search of inspiration, we have concocted a hellish schedule for each day of the week.

Ouch, the weekend was hard. Monday, you prefer to pass your turn. Stay calm, meditate, take stock ... No? So, we still have some suggestions to make to you.

In Saint-Gilles, the market Place Van Meenen is known for the quality of its products and its warm atmosphere. Fill your fridges (until 19h) while taking the aperitif (until 21h)! All washed down with a few rays of sunshine and the week will begin in beauty.

On this Monday, your brain is a little rusty. You need to activate your brains! Several bars offer quizzes. This specialty is reserved for Irish pubs. At De Valera's or Michael Collins, you will work your general culture and your English while sipping a Guinness.

If you want to admire the sunset, go to Cospaia and enjoy the beautiful terrace at Pretentious Mondays.

Looking for something more crazy? A glass bought = a free glass, what do you think? The Waff, the Barabar or the House of the People are waiting for you every day for their Happy Hour. The Brusselslife editorial declines all responsibility in the event of a total slippage of the evening and reminds you that the work week still has 3 full days ...

And for a more international audience, Bar Mardi is the afterwork to discover every Tuesday from June to mid September on the terrace of Autoworld. The evening promises to be festive and musical with DJ sets that can make you dance until the wee hours!

You feel it, today you have passed a course. You are halfway through the weekend! Congratulations, you deserve a little reward!

If the sun is out, your appointment of the day is the Châtelain market. Tapenade, aubergine caviar or pesto for the aperitif ... You stroll between the stalls and discover the street food offered by the market gardeners between two glasses of wine.

Would you rather spend your Wednesday night in a more intimate place? Come test your knowledge with the Little Red Riding Hood Buzz (by reservation). A quiz, a buzzer, songs, radio, film and TV shows and your boiling neurons!

If you want to get high, go to the Hotel Jam in Saint-Gilles to enjoy its rooftop and the pool with the evenings Perché.

Thursday, the office is buzzing! The weekend is approaching dangerously. Your colleagues make their plan for the last evening of the week. And you ? You are spoiled for choice.

A European afterwork? The best known afterworks in Brussels is surely the Place du Luxembourg. Young Eurocrats walk around in suits, conversing in English with a pint in their hands. For the jaded Place du Lux ', go to the Coaster between 8pm and 11pm.

Roulette and casino lovers can sip a cocktail around Viage's gambling tables or visit the rooftop of the building for "Là-Haut Viage" parties. An incredible view of Brussels in a green atmosphere.

Afterwork at the market. In the family of trendy evening markets, I ask the Boeremet. Under the covered hall of the Abbatoir of Cureghem, we nibble, we drink and relax in music. Same principle at the Old Tilleul Square in Ixelles, the Boondael market is less known and more intimate.

Your eyes are on the clock every 10 minutes waiting for the time that will start the weekend. You are in the starting blocks, ready for a drink ... Go!

In summer, a plethora of possibilities awaits you: in summer, the Aperos Urbains, you discover the most beautiful squares and parks of Brussels, Saint-Gilles or Saint-Job. And for the rest of the weekend, and the rest of the year, go on our agenda or the very famous what to do this weekend in Brussels!



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