Ahooga Bike: the Brussels bike that meets the needs of all city dwellers

Ahooga Bike: the Brussels bike that meets the needs of all city dwellers

Ahooga Bike is the bike that meets all the cyclists.

Ahooga Bike: a 100% Belgian brand

Created in 2015 by two Brussels residents, Ahooga Bike aims to meet the needs of cyclists traveling in the city.

By designing their bike, creators try to meet the concerns of cyclists and city dwellers.Ahooga Bike offers solutions concerning pollution, parking, bottling and economic issues. This bike is an investment that will allow you to make a gesture towards the planet, your wallet and your health.

In addition to offering a bike that meets the real needs of cyclists, Ahooga Bike offers accessories that complement the user experience. They manufacture helmets, bags and protective covers for smartphones and high-performance GPS.

What is the difference between a bike and Ahooga?

Ahooga Bike has four specificities:

- it is foldable
- it is very light (10kg)
- it is intermodal

And he can have electric assistance! The weight goes up to 13kg and you have a range of 50km. This bike imagined in Brussels and designed in Europe is composed of an aluminum frame without hinges and a 9-speed rear derailleur. Ahooga Bike folds in 15 seconds!

Ahooga Bike offers a bike that is easy to use in case of intermodal transport, it is lightweight and folds quickly. In addition to all its specificities, the bike has a pure line with good finishes. You have the possibility to order your bike and choose all the finishes, as for a car.

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