All aboard Docks in the north of Brussels

Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - 18 Oct 2016, 00:00 (Updated: 09 Mar 2022, 10:12)
All aboard Docks in the north of Brussels
Natural lighting, air-conditioning that is kind to the environment and bold architecture: Docks is out of the starting blocks this Thursday, 20th October. You’ll find a bit of new and plenty of what you already know.

Visitors first through the door can explore the first clothing store, Kiabi. Samsung has opened an area where you can experience, among other things, virtual reality and 360 degree video, etc. Aside from these new additions, visitors will be on familiar ground : Mediamarkt, HM and other well known stores. The 113 stores covering the usual products areas: clothing, household goods, perfume, pharmacy, etc. And as shopping can give you an appetite, visitors can sample cuisine from almost all over the world: Thai, Lebonese, Italian…

All roads lead to Docks in Brussels

Located not far from the very busy Van Praet Bridge, the shopping centre is easily accessible, not only by car. You can go by bike and take advantage of the bike storage and shower facilities. The STIB has added a stop called Docks Bruxsel on the tram lines 3 and 7. The 58 bus also stops at Docks. The 47 bus stops at Van Praet Bridge. Schaerbeek Station is nearby although the tunnel is lacking a few metres which makes getting from the station to Docks more difficult. More anecdotal: From March to October you can go from Sainctelette to Docks by Waterbus.

White : The new colour of cinema

Since the UGC City 2 closed, there hasn’t been a cinema in a shopping centre. The White cinema offers something different: no noisy popcorn, only silent, delicious (Belgian) treats on sale. The theatres include seating for couples and families. On one side of the foyer there are two large theatres and on the other, six cosier theatres. The seats are 59 cm wide.

Fort Boyard indoor

Koezio is an adventure course that doesn’t depend on the weather. The course is run in teams and requires both physical and mental agility. This place is aimed at stag and hen parties, team-building and groups of friends who’ve exhausted the fun in going bowling.

On a bad note

From an Inter Environment Brussels perspective, we’re playing spoil sport. Claire Scohier wasn’t impressed by the details announced. "Over some months we’ve seen a decline in the number of new stores. Within several months they’ve gone from 35 to 26." Mobility? "The environmental impact study shows that 70% rely on cars to get to Docks." Employment? "The 1700 jobs announced have become 1200. Taking into account the number of shops that have relocated, the net employment figure is closer to 600."

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