And what if I changed my kitchen?

Written by Rédaction - 17 Mar 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:27)
And what if I changed my kitchen?
So, you can no longer stand the sight of your kitchen which is straight out of the 1970s? You want to introduce a more contemporary feel? Or perhaps you just can't resist the draw of those modern, open plan kitchens?

A note of caution... Before you launch head long into this whole kitchen business, take the time to run through our words of advice ...

Cogito ergo sum

The key to success is up to you and not in the patter of the silver-tongued kitchen salesman-cum-designer. In fact, your kitchen should fit your home, your life and your own personal style. So note down the measurements of the area, where the doors and windows are as well as the water and gas points. Then, start taking an interest in your lifestyle! Don't bother installing the mother of all ovens worthy of the top restaurants if you spend most of the time reheating dishes from the local deli in the microwave. Finally, be sure of the style you want to create: traditional, contemporary or classical?

Trust the experts

Once you have prepared the groundwork, you can be confident of handing the project over to the kitchen experts who will refine it and add their own personal touch. They will add enough cupboard space, help you choose your electric goods and apply a few basic rules that will ensure your installation is the best it can be.

Catalogue kitchens are certainly superb, but completely lacking in any soul! Think about introducing a few personal objects, the light switch that you have always dreamt of having, or simply your grandma's old food mill. Breathe life into your own interior design! Finally, before contacting the kitchen experts of your choice, fix your budget without forgetting to include the electrical appliances. Take the time to compare and do the rounds of the kitchen companies. It's not every day that you change your kitchen.

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