Rest "Au Stekerlapatte" "Au Stekerlapatte", a Brussels restaurant worthy of the name!

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 07 Feb 2022, 00:00 (Updated: 29 Sep 2022, 16:58)
"Au Stekerlapatte", a Brussels restaurant worthy of the name!
If you are looking for a new quality Brussels restaurant that showcases our specialities, this restaurant exists and is called "Au Stekerlapatte". 

Looking for a quality restaurant in Brussels.

Cooking is a wonderful art that appeals to everyone, who doesn't dream of enjoying a hearty, quality dish to please themselves. But the art of cooking is not only a pleasure, we must eat in a healthy and varied way to stay healthy. It is a physiological need that keeps us alive. This is why food is so important and why it is of interest to everyone on earth. 


Helping the Brussels horeca sector

Au Stekerlapatte' is located in the Marolles district and offers a variety of menus typical of our beautiful Brussels. As we know, restaurants have had a very hard time with the health crisis we are going through, some have even gone bankrupt, which is why, as a Brussels citizen, we should revive the horeca sector by going to dinner in restaurants. This would show the mutual help and brotherhood that our inhabitants can bring by joining together. Moreover, eating in a culinary establishment is a risk-free activity, being indoors it can rain cats and dogs as much as you want, you can dine quietly inside in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you are a family, a couple or alone, any configuration is possible with the restaurant, which makes it an easy activity to do and within everyone's reach.  

What's on the menu? 

Let's talk about the Brussels cuisine, which is among the most innovative and original in our country. Stoemp, chicory rolls, eels in green Bloempanch or Kip-kap, gourmets will be satisfied to taste all these specialties that will amaze the taste buds. If you want to have a hearty meal and this with refined dishes, you will have to go to "Au Stekerlapatte".



On the menu you can order for example:

As a cold starter: 

Beef carpaccio with parmesan shavings,

home-made terrine,

tomatoes with grey shrimps...

As a hot starter: 
croquettes with Orval cheese, 

scampis with garlic, 

snails à la Bourguignonne...

For salads: 
hot goat cheese, 


vegetables and tofu with rice...

For the fish:

mussels in season,

codfish back with Ostendaise sauce,

salmon with honey and lime...


For meat: 

roast knuckle of ham with mustard,

beef steak, 

mitre with shallot confit, 


rib on the bone...

In specialities you will have: 
meatballs with tomato sauce, 

roasted pig's trotter, homemade tartar sauce, 

country sausage, stoemp of the day

steker burger with Maredsous sauce

Rabbit leg with Kriek Boon. 



Belgian cheese plate, 

speculoos cup, 

speculoos mousse, 

Kriek sorbet.


For the drinks, you have all the possible choices, softs, house wines, aperitifs, Trappist or brewery beers, gin, whisky, rum, brandy, cognac, calvados or even coffee. We warn you that everything is there. Moreover, the choice is enormous, you can choose between more than thirty wines and beers for example.


A magical atmosphere

The decorations are sumptuous and varied, posters stuck on the wall which resemble those of the cinemas, paintings by artists, the interior looks very much like a magnificent hotel. Another parameter that will convince you is that this brasserie has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on an average of 500 reviews. These reviews are totally trustworthy, as they are issued by customers who have booked their table in this restaurant, so there is no room for false comments. This is a true testament to the high quality of the food offered in this restaurant. Many customers also find that the waiters are friendly, the atmosphere is rustic and atypical, the food is perfect, and the price-quality ratio is more than correct. You will feel at home here and you won't have to empty your wallet to fill your stomach. 



We don't need to tell you anything else, you're already won over by "Au Stekerlapatte". 



We will conclude this article with two words: Bon appétit! 

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