Belgitude in the museum. BELvue Museum for a Belgium rich in history!

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BELvue Museum for a Belgium rich in history!
Cultural outings are very numerous in Belgium and represent a leisure activity, appreciated by all and accessible to everyone. Museums offer to vary your leisure activities, instead of always doing the same thing.

Important cultural outings to vary activities.


Learning about history is important for understanding the world we live in, so today we are offering you an unforgettable visit to the BELvue Museum, love at first sight guaranteed !



If you don't know what to do, if you lack inspiration for a group or family activity, the BELvue Museum is the ideal place to make your day a pleasant one.


What is the BELvue? 

The BELvue Museum is a museum about Belgium and its history. It is a comprehensive museum that details our country from its creation to the present day. You will see the evolution of our civilisation and the riches it has brought. If you are interested in the preservation of our cultural heritage, you should go to the museum, as the covid forced this type of establishment to close its doors for a long time. Many economic losses have been observed. You can be a key player in the revival of this field. The BELvue Museum is a project of the Baudoin Foundation and its main task is to preserve our cultural heritage.


A museum at the crossroads of the city centre 

You can also admire the city centre of Brussels, as the museum is located not far from it. The Royal Palace, the Stock Exchange, shopping, cultural relics, everything is within a stone's throw of this conservatory. So you don't have to worry about looking for something else to do, you know what to do before or after your visit.

The Belvue Museum and the Coudenberg Palace for a maximum of activities

On site, the BELvue museum offers you a wide range of things to visit, permanent or temporary exhibitions depending on the period you visit the museum, workshops, financial mysteries, a shop, an indoor or outdoor restaurant, everything is there. So you understand that there are a lot of advantages, for example for the restaurant if the weather is good you can eat outside and enjoy the sun, if the weather is not good, no problem you will eat inside to not get wet. The workshops also offer various interesting activities, such as the workshop "I am the minister! "which offers children accompanied by adults the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a minister for the duration of the visit to the museum by carrying out various tasks to complete this activity. If you can't get enough of it, you should know that this museum also offers a room rental service, so that you can organise your birthday party or a meeting between colleagues. As the museum was formerly a luxury hotel, the rooms are sumptuous and breathtaking. There are also night-time events to dazzle you. The conservatory also has a large garden called the BELvue Garden. Finally, you can also see the Coudenberg Palace, which is an underground tour of the remains of Charles V's palace. The main entrance to this tour is through the BELvue. 


A place that offers free visits 

As far as prices are concerned, you will pay 10 euros per adult to choose either the museum or the Coudenberg Palace, to combine the two you only have to pay 18 euros. 18-25 year olds will only pay 5 euros to visit one of the two places, while to combine the two, the amount will be 8 euros. Another piece of information that will make you happy is that the visit is free for under 18s, teachers and everyone else on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm. So you don't even have to pay to enjoy this activity if you go at the right time. 



As you can see, young and old alike are perfectly suited to a visit to BELvue.  



The BELvue museum is a must-see, just to see how impressive Belgian history is. Don't hesitate to pay for your tickets to visit this breathtaking site.

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