Bon appétit Saint-Boni!

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 19 Oct 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 06 Oct 2015, 15:16)
Bon appétit Saint-Boni!
Restaurants Saint Boniface - Although history pays scant homage to the doings of a 13th-century theologist answering to the bonnie name of Boniface de Bruxelles, the gourmets of Brussels have for a long time adopted the restaurants that lie in the shadow of the church that is consecrated to him. Follow the guide...

You can't take the Chaussée d'Ixelles without being intrigued by all the couples out for good time and the groups of friends or colleagues who all seem to be heading in the same direction... Indeed, halfway between Matonge and Place Fernand Coq, Rue de la Paix is a little appetizer before the gourmet discovery of the Saint-Boniface district. You will not have to look for too long before discovering a genuine pallet of gastronomy spreading from one pavement to another. You will happily pace up and down before deciding between Belgian traditional, Asian exotic or Italian tasty, or quite simply opting for a glass of something or other or a cup of coffee. 


Finally, take time to lift your eyes from your plate to benefit from the astonishing architectural harmony of the district that we owe to the architect, Blérot.

Unlike Horta, Ernest Blérot's aim was not to revolutionise architecture, but rather to focus entirely on its decorative aspects. You will also remember that it was only a stone's throw away, at the Institut Saint Boniface (what a surprise!), that Hergé wore out the seats of his trousers and went to class in the youth movements. Besie its BOurgeois BOhemian attractions, the district offers quality catering of rare value for money. You don't come to Saint Boni, you come back to it! The district furthermore establishes itself a little more each day as "the place to be..." Finally, you should know that although Place Saint-Boniface is now part of the Brussels vocabulary, it doesn't in fact actually exist. So you will have to program "Rue de la Paix" into your Sat Nav.

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