The festival of lights Bright Brussels, the festival that will warm up Brussels:

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 03 Feb 2022, 00:00 (Updated: 09 Mar 2022, 16:11)
Bright Brussels, the festival that will warm up Brussels:
You are tired of the cold and bad weather, there is a lack of light outside because of the winter, Bright Brussels is coming from the 10th to the 13th of February to illuminate our capital and warm your hearts. 

De-motivated by the weather, the festival is there to warm you up.

Bright Brussels, the festival that will warm up Brussels:



As you know, winter is demotivating and makes people less likely to go outside, so it would be a great opportunity to attend Bright Brussels to spend an evening out without the cold that goes with it thanks to the lights that will keep you warm. There you will see all kinds of artistic works with the use of light to dazzle you and all this for free. It is also an opportunity to discover Brussels if you don't know it very well, or to rediscover it in a different way for all the city's regulars. Moreover, this festival is easily accessible and well located, so you can even eat while enjoying it. The festival runs from 10 to 13 February, every night from 7 to 11 pm. The location is truly original, as the festival will be divided into 3 routes to follow. The first route takes place in the Royal Quarter and is about 1 km long, where you can admire 8 light installations. Then there is the Europe route in the European quarter, which is about 1.5 km long, with 8 magnificent light installations to discover.  Finally, the last route is located in Flagey, and is longer than the two previous ones. You will have to walk 2 km to see the end of it, while you will be dazzled by 7 light installations this time. But that's not all, given the Brussels Bright, some museums have decided to organise night visits to discover or rediscover our sumptuous Brussels heritage. These visits can be guided or unguided, depending on your wishes. The different museums applying these night visits are: the KBR Museum for the evening of 11 February as well as the BELvue Museum from 10/02 to 14/02, both of which are located on the Royal Route. The museums on the European route that will be delighted to welcome you are the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History (Arcades du Cinquantenaire) from 10/02 to 12/02 and the Art & History Museum with the "Before Time Began" exhibition from 10/02 to 13/02. Finally, the Flagey route will offer you the CIVA Museum's night-time event on 10 February until 10 pm. You can combine these visits with the Brussel Bright for an even more enjoyable and memorable evening. The installations are very varied, as they have been developed by various artists, each with their own artistic flair. There is something for everyone, from brightly coloured circular totems to a luminous snake with an abstract aesthetic, for example. The great strength of the festival is therefore its originality.



Another very important piece of information is that the Covid Safe Ticket will obviously apply to access all indoor venues (works and museums). In addition, it should be noted that the barrier measures will continue to apply for the rest of the event. Finally, wearing a mask is compulsory on the different routes.


For more information, please visit the Brussels Bright website at https:  


You have no excuse to miss this festival, go and you won't regret a single second.


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