Brussels by car

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 30 May 2016, 15:05

If you want to use your car to get about, then you must be aware that the city of Brussels is surrounded by a vast motorway belt called the « Ring ». Although it isn't complete on the south side of the city, this ring road around Brussels provides access to the country's main motorways.

During the rush hour, the traffic is rather heavy. The most frequent bottlenecks can be found around the Grand-Bigard and Zaventem interchanges, as well as the Léonard crossroads known as carrefour Léonard.Watch out! This is one of the world's most dangerous crossroads. There are no traffic lights to control the traffic! In the very heart of Brussels, you should use the Petite Ceinture (inner ring road) to get across town quickly, but be warned - it also suffers from similar jams during the rush hour. This dual carriageway links the Midi station to the Koekelberg Basilica, passing through both up- and downtown.Every car journey unavoidably means going through the often laborious search for a place to park. To make life easier, you can always use so-called "private" car parks. There are twenty or so large car parks with a total of around 15,000 spaces. Of course, this means you have to pay! However, it is often cheaper than parking meters or ticket machines, or even a parking fine! Another option is to take a taxi, but these are rather expensive in Brussels..